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Our Products

Directly from nature´s own treasure trove.


From soothing teas to anti-wrinkle treatment

Whether you are a pharmacist, doctor, skin care therapist or food hander, we open a natural larder possessing especially rich and useful contents.

Valuable flora, multiple uses.

Of the hundreds of varieties of wild plants harvested by Boletus, some have substances which are used in herbal remedies or plant-based medicines, whereas other raw materials are used in the large area of healthy teas.

There are many healing and aromatic herbs for use both internally and externally. Also, our natural larder contains exciting ingredients for the "green" kitchen. In fact, more and more restaurants are building their reputations around wild edible plants.

Boletus making its mark on successful drugs

In many countries, people are still turning to nature to obtain treatments for various ailments.

EA key role within medicine

Medicinal plants have formed the basis of the medications prepared by pharmacists at doctor's request, and plants continue to play a key role in the pharmaceutical industry today. Some plants still retain their medical importance, such as the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum), from which morphine is isolated and used to ease pain in health care. The dried leaves of the Purple Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) are traditionally used in cardiovascular medicine.

Continually increasing demand

Today's effective and fast acting drugs may unfortunately have a downside. Because a positive effect is sought in a short time, this can lead to unwanted side effects. This has, for instance, led to less processed medicines in the form of plant extracts becoming increasingly in demand. As a distributor of unprocessed raw materials in this supply chain, we can attest to the truth of this: The sales curve for our medicinal plants is continually on the rise.
Our product database is a convenient way to obtain quick and detailed information about our medical plant collection.

Nirvana for producers of healthy teas

Many of our aromatic herbs and medicinal plants, dried or fresh, form the basis for the production of tea blends and healthy beverages. Boletus' pickers harvest hundreds of different plants every season; plants which are growing in soil that is healthy pesticide free, and which are thriving on nature's own terms. These plants are processed by our customers into products – used for health and enjoyment!

From blackberries to wild strawberries

Leaves from raspberries, blueberries, wild strawberries and blackberries are fermented to be used in delicious and healthy teas. This is also truth for berries, which become sensually rich vitamin kicks in teas, preserves and health drinks. We also wish to point out that sea buckthorn has become one of Europe's 'Super Fruits' with its rich content of vitamins A, C and E. Of all the world's berries, sea buckthorn is probably the one that contains the highest concentration of vitamins.
Our product database is a quick and convenient way for information about the useful plant species Boletus can offer. Here, you can also learn everything about their properties and the areas of use.

Boletus collects wild food for Europe's top restaurants

From Bosnia Herzegovina's rich edible flora, a great deal can be obtained to inspire and enrich the creative cuisine of fine restaurants and the foodstuffs industry.

A wide range of condiments

We can offer herbs to be used as condiments such as fennel and violet flowers as well as flowers more often used decoratively, such as sage and marigold. Many herbs, including elderberry, juniper and lemon balm are well suited as flavour enhancers in desserts. Boletus also offers rich harvests of blueberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, wild strawberries, plums, walnuts and chestnuts, depending on the season.

Welcome to the "mushroom forest"

Our mushroom pantry is always well-stocked. We offer more than 30 varieties of morel, porcino, chanterelle, black trumpet, saffron milkcap, etc. Most are supplied dried, but the chanterelles and porcini are also fresh or in water. Our product database is a convenient way to obtain quick and detailed  information about our large collection of wild food.

Skin health harvested at a thousand metres

Living plants produce unique components that explain their immunity, survival and development in nature. Many of these extracts are essential in the development of cosmetic products.

Hand-picked collections

The skin is our largest organ, constantly exposed and vulnerable to attacks from the outside. Boletus's detailed knowledge of herbs and their natural rejuvenating effects on our skin has resulted in a 'hand-picked' collection of aromatic herbs. They all have one thing in common: The ingredients provide properties that protect and rejuvenate the skin.


The right combination of extracts

We work with a large number of 'processors' that use Boletus' selected aromatic herbs and harness the right combination of extracts in order to offer a collection of skin care products with maximum healing properties. Many of these products are now leaders in their respective markets. Our product database is a convenient way to obtain quick and detailed information about our 'cosmetic collection'.

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