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Boletus opens nature`s own treasure trove

Nature at high altitudes, at the threshold of the Dinaric Alps in Bosnia Herzegovina, reveals a rare richness of wild plants. The unique climate and the favourable soil particularly stimulate the growth of medicinal and aromatic herbs. The folk medicine from this area  has also become firmly entrenched there over centuries.

Hundreds of diverse wild plants

To the delight of modern man who wishes to 'return to his roots' Boletus picks and supplies hundreds of nature's various wild plant species. These are coming in the form of plants, roots and rhizomes, and as flowers, fruit, leaves or seeds. We also offer various types of wild berries and mushrooms, which are delivered fresh or dried, fresh frozen or in brine.

Most is exported for further processing into foodstuffs, health food, medicine and cosmetics.

Health for the people, growth power for the processors.

At Boletus, we want to be a strong and profitable partner for the European processing industry within medicine, cosmetics, health foods and foodstuffs, providing them with the finest produce and ingredients.   

Through our years of experience in the field of wild medicinal and useful plants, we offer effective logistics in which efficient warehousing, combined with easily searchable and informative product databases, results in reliable and fast delivery to our customers across Europe and the USA.  

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Our Products

Whether you are a pharmacist, doctor, skin care therapist or food hander, we open a natural larder possessing especially rich and useful contents.

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